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These fools have canceled the very best auto show, bar none, on television. What we are left with is a bunch of tattooed, bearded, unprofessional clowns and a fat Englishman who got rid of the only other good mechanic on television.Answer these clowns, cancel your subscription to their stupid magazine, write to any sponsor who has ads on the shows telling them you will not use their products as long as they are supporting Motor Trend.

Stop watching their stupid TV shows.

BOYCOTT MOTOR TREND until they wise up and return Fantom Works to the air. FIGHT BACK against their short sighted stupidity.

Reason of review: RAGING STUPIDITY.

Preferred solution: Put Fantom Works back on the air.

Motor Trend Pros: Fantom works.

Motor Trend Cons: Whole additude, Cannot email a question to motortrend, Canceling fantom works.

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Anyone with tattoos and a beard is a freak. Not to mention how unhygienic and disgusting beards and tattoos are.

Motor Trend became a junk publication quite a while ago. It's content and presentation is geared more towards people who aren't old enough to drive.